Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

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Though we’re only getting into the autumn months, we’re already thinking ahead of the game for you on current projects and as we’ve got a list of future 2019 interior design trends since the new year to make the most of their spaces for a lifetime and beyond, we thought we’d share our finds with your for inspiration.

Here’s what’s on the horizon style-wise. Get ready to embrace the cosmos, more scalloped edges, nude colours, concrete bathrooms, factory style taps, Crittall doors, fish scale tiles and dark kitchens….


Interior Design Trends large room with a costellation wallpaper

Constellations and stars are a popular décor feature, they are used for event décor, home décor and even outfits. If you want to be in trend, it’s high time to add some gorgeous constellations to your home décor.Designers have been searching the skies for inspiration – with heavenly results. Think sophisticated astronomy and zodiac patterns, star-strewn plates, galaxy murals, galactic surfaces and cosmic tile work. From subtle hints to all-out tributes to the night sky, celestial motifs have been shooting across fashion and interiors.

Scallops and Scales

Interior Design Trends colourful furniture accents in a room

We’re calling it the ‘Blue Planet effect’ because this season’s interior looks took a dive deep under the ocean with sea creatures’ swimming across every surface. From scalloped furniture (we’re loving the super scalloped A/W18 Anthropologie x Bethan Grey collection) to fish scale tiles and all things curved, wavy and ocean-inspired, we’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for the under the sea trend.

Mid-Century Modern

Interior Design Trends modern living furniture ina a large living room

While many interiors trend have a sell-by date, Mid-Century Modern style somehow never goes out of style. There’s no denying Mid-Century modernism is everywhere, providing style inspiration for everything from the latest hotels, restaurants and bars to luxe new apartments. The design classic Eames chairs are everywhere and the cocktail cabinet essential of the two martini lunch is fast becoming a modern must-have. 1950s chic never goes out of style with low-slung lines and natural woods still influencing designs today.

Spiced Honey

Interior Design Trends spiced honey interior

You say Spiced Honey, we say Salted Caramel. Whichever way you look at it, warm autumnal shades are back with a bang. Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2019 has been revealed, and similar to last year’s pick it’s another cosy, warm, cashmere sort of shade. Named ‘Spiced Honey’, the warm caramel hue has woody, sandy and inviting amber tones, a wintery upgrade to this summer’s trending neutral.


Mermaid Tiles

Interior Design Trends mermaid tiles in a bright kitchen

There’s a new wave of tile shapes taking surfaces by storm. From fan-shaped fish scale tiles to complex quatrefoils, tiles are taking on more fluid forms with rounded edges and irregular shapes. Options include fan-shaped scallop patterns, fish-scales, curvy eye-shaped T-drops, ornamental quatrefoils or the simple but effective hexagon. These more unusual shapes piece together to create striking effects, adding instant interest to modern bathrooms, cloakrooms, kitchens and even hallways.

Crittall Style

Interior Design Trends cool interior space

There’s no denying that Crittall-style has been staging a comeback – and not just as windows and doors, but as walls, rear extensions, room dividers and even shower screens. Edgy and versatile, the sturdy, slim-profile frames tap into the current trend for all things industrial. It’s no wonder Crittall-style has been dominating our Pinterest feeds. They have the ability to completely transform a space; not just by giving it a cool, modern edge, but also by opening up space and letting in more light. Crittall style doors allow you to cleverly partition open areas to create different zones, without compromising on light or space. Metal framed glazing has never looked so good.



Interior Design Trends dark velvet couch

From the catwalk to the home front, velvet is the “it” fabric of the moment. And with so many sumptuous colours and applications — think crushed velvet pillows or eye-catching upholstered walls — there are few places this alluring textile isn’t right at home. Searches for velvet have increased by 400% over the past six months and is the most searched for fabric. Sumptuously seductive, velvet beds and velvet sofas are some of the most covetable ways to bring the look home.


Concrete Bathrooms

Interior Design Trends concrete modern bathroom

Concrete is increasingly becoming the go-to material for bathrooms. It’s a functional utilitarian surface that gives a strong industrial feel, and it makes a particularly great choice for bathrooms thanks to both its strength and its versatility. New print and staining techniques allow you to use concrete as a blank canvas to have fun with, and it can be honed and polished down into a very smooth surface. Tough and practical, yet super stylish and so on trend – here are some of the most stylish concrete bathroom ideas.


Interior Design Trends nima rug from the rug seller

Fringing is the retro look that’s back with a bang. The Autumn/Winter 18 catwalks were awash with fabulous tassel designs that swung and swayed their way down the catwalks. The embellished looks are also proving popular with interiors, with the trend making its way onto cushions and curtains, mirrors and lamps. Swooshing into the home, fringing is big news for the season’s hottest homeware. With fringe-factor top of the design agenda, designers are turning to tassels and fringe to add a flirty edge to home interiors. Swish, swish.


Interior Design Trends nude interior style

Would you go nude? The latest interiors trend is barely there, warm, earthy neutrals. For the past few years, grey has dominated the neutral interiors palette. But sandy shades are back and proving to be anything but boring. Now don’t get us wrong, we love grey, but we’ve found ourselves increasingly drawn towards the warmer, friendlier tones of oatmeal and stonewashed linen. Think fleshy toned, earthy jute, canvas, wool, wood and hemp – which, face it, all sound way nicer than beige.

Dark Kitchens

Interior Design Trends dark kitchen in black

The trends for darker kitchen cabinetry and Scandi noir help to explain the fact that searches for black and navy blue kitchens are up 93% in the past six months, with matt and powdery finishes. One of the strongest style trends that have come through in modern kitchen design is the colour blue, and this can be traced from classic Shaker-style kitchens right through to chic and minimal modern spaces. Whether it’s on walls, floors, cabinetry or splashbacks, blue has replaced grey as the go-to on-trend colour – and it is particularly navy blue kitchens that are turning heads.

Brass Taps

Interior Design Trends brass taps shaped like a swan

Like a piece of jewellery, taps add the finishing touch to a bathroom or kitchen. On-trend brass taps add some welcome shine to pared-down concrete bathrooms, or give extra punch to timeless marble bathrooms. They’re not out of place in kitchens either, as this cool new kitchen brand proves. Brass taps offer a cool contrast to modern concrete workshops, and add warmth to minimalist white kitchens. But it’s not all about brass – industrial style, factory-inspired faucets are making waves in both kitchens and bathrooms, giving off cool and edgy vibes.

2018’s Top Trends

Interior Design Trends monochrome space

Image Credit to TrustyJoe

Take a look at some past, present and future trends for 2018. Fresh off a slew of forward-thinking interior design fairs, we’ve gathered some interior design trends that you may have seen throughout this current year. We’re happy to see vintage aesthetics making updated comebacks along with new interior design trends taking shape.

To discover our favourite takes on notable interior design trends 2018, read on to find out what we had to say on what’s in and what’s out for 2018 and beyond.


Interior Design Trends navajo rug from the rug seller

Decorating your community room with a Native American theme will add culture and a relaxing mood to the room. Each home needs at least one room with a unique theme to offset boredom and improve the quality of life. So, why not go with an authentic and artistic culture? The Navajo trend is riding high on the homestead – think sunset hues, soothing aqua shades, rustic-luxe materials and a riot of rich pattern.


Stonewashed Bedding

Interior Design Trends stonewashed bedding

Weekend lie-ins just got even better. French, crumpled, stonewashed linens undoubtedly had their moment this summer, and frankly we’re surprised it’s taken this long. Elegant, 100% linen bedding offers both comfort and style; stonewashed linens are probably the softest bedding that money can buy, and linens are naturally breathable, making it perfect for warmer evenings – as well as keeping you snug and toasty during winter. Hit the sack in style.

Line Art

Interior Design Trends line art shaped like a bird

One of 2018’s hottest interior trends was inspired by the free-flowing illustrations from the likes of artists like Picasso, Magritte, Miro and Matisse. There’s no doubt about it, we experienced a figurative boom thanks to the artworks of the 50s and 60s, with abstract facial components making waves across interiors. With online searches for ‘line drawings’ at an all-time high, the delicate style of art saw a renaissance in modern homes. From vases with faces to pretty plates, patterned glassware and illustrated cushions and rugs, figurative art finally stepped into homeware – and we love it.

Modern Ibiza

Interior Design Trends tipi rug from the rug seller

Banish the plain style! Yes a neutral palette can be pleasing but for many homeowners, it can be a bit boring, so adding a pop of colour is common. But maybe it’s time to break out of the box and add some prints to your room, and not just a with a pillow or your window treatment. How about a piece of furniture in a full-on print that says “wow”? Folksy prints, natural textures and pom-pom trims – mix them together for a relaxed White Isle vibe.

Decorative Plates

Interior Design Trends decorative plates hung on the wall

Pretty porcelain plates deserve to get noticed – whether at your next dinner party or proudly displayed in your cabinet or on walls. You won’t want to leave these hidden in cupboards. Plate collections are one of our favourite things to use to decorate large areas of wall space. They are so versatile and can be used in almost any style of home, from the most contemporary to the ultra-traditional and everything in between. It’s time to display your decorative dishes!

Modern Living Walls

Interior Design Trends modern botanical wall in a large room

The trend for lush and leafy living walls continued to grow. We saw cool interpretations sprout up across hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces and now we’re seeing them in stylish, modern homes too. Loved by green-fingered urbanites, they’re a genius use of space and perfect for compact gardens, courtyards, roof terraces, patios and balconies. If you can’t grow out, grow up!

Tropical Print

Interior Design Trends tropical print wallpaper

Modern tropical prints need to be trendier less Tarzan. As enduring as fond memories of days spent lounging on a lilo in the Caribbean, the tropical look is one of those trends that never quite fades. Summer 2018, however, it was less punch-drunk primaries, more segments of juicy hues set against deep, inky tones. You can style tropical prints in any room but the ones they think it works best in are your living room, hall or if you want to brighten up your bedroom.


Interior Design Trends nomadic design rug from the rug seller

Thought the American West was a style desert? Not in our book… 2018’s furniture and accessories had a nomadic, free-spirited feel. You wouldn’t believe it but getting the eclectic ethnic look put together isn’t a walk in the park. With risks of a space looking cluttered, cheap, or even like a souvenir cave, this is a style best done with the old adage ‘less is more’ in mind. An important advice to bear in mind, however, is not to mix different ethnic styles, unless there’s a unity in their design.

Modern Kilim Rugs

Interior Design Trends modern kilim rug from the rug seller

Who doesn’t love a bit of ethnic? rugs. Kilim rugs are everywhere, with modern interpretations offering bold, graphic patterns in everything from pastel shades to neons and even monochrome. Despite having been around for thousands of years, their timeless designs still look fresh today. Kilim patterns provide a pop of colour to modern interiors, adding global sophistication with an eclectic edge. Shop our designs.


Interior Design Trends hawaiian themed room

The hottest interiors trend this summer had been bubbling in the background for a while. We’d seen a flurry of head-to-toe kaleidoscopic colours in all things Frida Kahlo inspired and highlighter hues. We’ve certainly seen a surge of new tropical prints and jungle-inspired homeware. So it should come as no surprise that one of the biggest trends taking the interiors world by storm this season was all things tropical.


Interior Design Trends two comfy chairs in a large space

Trends are first and foremost sources of inspiration, but they can also serve as a guide when you are about to decorate (or redecorate) your space. However, do not forget that what makes an interior unique is the personal touch you bring to it!

So, get inspired by the textures, colours and patterns you see. Decorate with objects that are valuable to you, remind you of good memories, or simply make you feel something. In short, trust yourself!