Spring may not have sprung in the UK judging by the snow we had last week, but it can’t be far off surely? So with that in mind, we have put together our top 10 spring colours for 2016.


1. Soft Pink

Brink and Campman pearl soft pink rug spring colours 2016

Pink is a great colour for spring. It reminds us of budding flowers and flushed cheeks. The gentle tone of pink conveys a sense of composure and compassion, making it ideal for spring.

2. Peach

Splinter-Orange/peach rug spring colours 2016

Peach is a shade of orange that hasn’t been seen much in interior designs. However, peach is a much warmer tone, which can often make a space look more welcoming.

3. Light Blue

Louvre rug in light blue spring colours 2016

Light blue is an airy colour as it is the colour of the sky. It can have a calming effect and can often cheer you up when you’re feeling down.

4. Dark Blue

Origins rug in dark blue and white spring colours 2016

Dark blue is a stylish and sophisticated colour. Team it with yellow, light brown, or peach to create a striking spring themed interior.

5. Yellow

Esprit yellow rug spring colours 2016

Yellow is the main colour used in spring-themed designs. It often evokes feelings of calmness and transports people to a happier place.

6. Duck Egg

Wisp rug in Duck Egg spring colours 2016

Duck egg has a touch of green in it. Normally duck egg blue is a clean, clear and defined colour. It can evoke feelings of tranquility.

7. Lilac

Stone rug in lilac spring colours 2016

Lilac is a great colour to neutralise. It is a subtle colour but can add an edge to classic shades. We think it looks great paired with red.

8. Red

Traditional rug in red spring colours 2016

Red is an exciting and passionate colour. It can provide an interesting contrast to the soft pastel colours of spring.

9. Light Brown

Arte Espina light brown rug spring colour trends 2016

Light brown is a colour that can be used in all seasons. However in spring, it is good to use as a neutral colour.

10. Green

Henley Green rug spring colours 2016

Green is the colour of nature and obviously one of the main colours used in spring trends. Match with dark blue to create an exciting spring interior.

So if you’re planning a home interior makeover this spring, it may be worth keeping these colours in mind. You can explore our full-colour collection by browsing each colour. Visit us here!