The sun is finally shining and the nights are drawing out, meaning summer is well and truly here. Before it really kicks off, it’s time to prepare and style your garden for summer.

We’ve got the top tips, tweaks and decor changes you can make to transform your garden to a space you won’t want to leave this summertime. Meaning, when bbq season rolls around, you’ll have a space that will be the envy of all your neighbours.

Outdoor Furniture

Using furniture outside is the easiest way to create a cosy haven in your garden space. Choosing your outdoor furniture carefully depending on what you want to achieve and the style you want to emulate is important.

Garden spaces are often seen to be more practical, but they should be viewed very similar to living rooms or other interior spaces.

Choose pieces that complement each other, and if you have multiple furniture pieces, have them so they work together in cohesion.

Being outdoors, you can use flowers and greenery to your advantage. Often meaning brighter colours work best to work alongside the outdoor colours.

Orla Kiely is the queen of colour, and bright shades and shapes. So it’s only natural to style your garden with accessories like this Stripe Tulip Cushion.

orla kiely cushion close up to style your garden for summer

Shop other outdoor cushions here to choose colours and shades to build around your outdoor space.

Outdoor Rugs

We couldn’t write a piece around how to style your garden without mentioning the fabulous difference and outdoor rug makes to a space.

Outdoor rugs are made from materials that make them weather-proof, enabling them to withstand the rain and to dry quickly to avoid mildew or damp. Meaning they are a fuss-free way to add instant interest to a garden – without landscaping or a spot of gardening in sight.

An outdoor runner is a great way to add some interest without overwhelming a narrow or garden that isn’t a standard rectangular shape.

We love this Spot Flower Runner in a dandelion graphic print to add some vintage style to your garden with a pop of colour.


Outdoor Lights

Lights are the perfect piece to add ambience to an outdoor setting, to both be practical and a stylistic piece.

If you want delicate, soft lighting – opt for something like string fairy lights. The beauty with this is you can easily layer them up for a dramatic effect, or have a single string. Choose from battery operated ones to have full freedom at where to place them.

Lights that are collar powered are also a great way to add some light so you can enjoy the garden later into the summer evenings. They are a sustainable option and last for a long time, while offering a subtle and gentle glow.

Decorative Spaces

With an outdoor space, there are more options than you may think when it comes to how to decorate a space.

First is the most obvious choice, to use flowers, greenery and other fauna to bring colours and design into a garden. It may take slightly more skill and planning to ensure the colours and look you have is ready for summer. But the payoff is huge, and when done well it will look incredible.

water feature running in a garden space

Water features are another great way to bring a bit of design and grandeur into your garden. The soft sound of water bubbling is relaxing on a hot summer’s day, and can add a real touch of style to your outdoor area.

Artificial Grass

As much as we may like the beaming sunshine and dry weather, our plants don’t share the same joy. Especially our grass.

A summer that calls for a hosepipe ban is in some ways a reason to celebrate, but it will leave your grass brown, dry and a little sad looking.

Grass and greenery is the cornerstone of every garden, and is the integral factor that makes your garden look perfect.

Our top trick for avoiding this? Style your garden using artificial grass. We know this may seem like a cardinal sin for some, but artificial grass isn’t merely the cheap, plastic types you find on 5-a-side pitches.

artificial grass close up to style your garden

A style like this Vinca artificial grass feels like real grass, and mixes in different shades of green in every blade of grass to replicate the real thing. We’d challenge you to tell the difference, and we won’t tell if you don’t.

Read our guide on artificial grass to see what it can bring to your garden. 


Let us know how you’ll be transforming your outdoor space and garden this year.