Lagom: The New Scandi Lifestyle

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Embrace the latest Scandinavian trend on everyone’s lips. Translated as ‘just the right amount’, Lagom is thought to relate to creating balance.

Lagom is the new Scandi way of life that Instagram is currently obsessing over. It’s the more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle we’ll all be wanting in 2017.

Say goodbye to Hygge and hello to Lagom!

What is Lagom?

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If you love Hygge, there’s another Scandi way of boosting your wellbeing that’s becoming mainstream. Discover Lagom, the Swedish concept of “not too much, not too little, just right”, that may dominate in 2017.

This Swedish way of life, pronounced lar-gom, is about things being ‘just enough’ or ‘just right’. Something that’s neither too much of one thing, nor too little of the other, but somewhere in-between.

Lagom meaning

Finding balance is the key to this concept, which is embedded deep in the Swedish spirit. It infuses all aspects of life, from attitudes to health and exercise, to diet and socialising. The idea dates back to the Viking era, between the 8th and 11th centuries. This was when bowls of food and drink were passed around the table for everyone to take a fair share. It was important that each person take ‘just enough’ so everyone could have some.

So along with the idea of balance in all things, there is also a conscious unselfishness about Lagom. It’s an attractive mind-set to adopt when you consider how busy modern life can be. It works in a lot of different contexts, which is why it’s so interesting and special.

What if we could slow down perfectionist thinking and instead strive to be simply good enough?

Lagom vs Hygge

Lagom wall art meaning
Lagom wall art hygge meaning

Home trends come and go, but the lasting ones tend to make you feel warm all over. And in 2016, Hygge – the Scandi home trend was burning up everyone’s Pinterest and Instagram feeds.

Hygge pronounced ‘hue-ugh’ which translates to ‘cosiness’ in English was the pinnacle of cosiness and warmth. It inspired Instagram lovers to buy into a lifestyle of scented candles, hot chocolates on a Saturday night and layers upon layers of throws and knitwear.

Lagom scandinavian hygge setting

However, Lagom translates to “just right, adequate, not too much or too little.” Not only is it far easier to pronounce (‘lar – gom’), but Lagom is much easier to understand.

Unlike Hygge, which aims to capture the indescribable feeling of ‘cosiness’, Lagom is an ethos of moderation. Hygge is a momentary state of bliss while Lagom is a way of living.

It looks like we could look to incorporating cosy Hygge and balance orientated Lagom into our everyday lifestyles – for the perfect mixture.

Embracing Lagom Into Your Lifestyle

Lagom modern living room space

It’s common to mentally tell yourself to save more money, be less stressed when it comes to our jobs and indulge more in our passions and hobbies. This thinking is the foundations of Lagom. However, physically doing those things is what you need to do!

Here are 6 ways we can embrace Lagom in your home:

Conserve Energy

Lagom faux fur rugs
Lagom faux fur rugs

Rather than turning up the heat, invest in high-quality rugs and throws to cut costs and boost Hygge factor. Though adornments are minimal, this bedroom feels welcoming thanks to an abundance of throw pillows and a faux fur rug for added warmth.

Use Sustainable Materials

Lagom sushi rugs in colour
Lagom sushi rugs in monchrome

In these homey living room settings, fireplaces and rugs help keep the space warm in cooler months. The playfully patterned rugs are hand-made with a combination of felted wool and recycled polyester to create high-quality masterpieces.

Think About Form & Function

Lagom scandinavian living room

In this scandi living room, the wall art and mirror not only adds visual interest, but it’s memorable too. This living room captures balance as it creates a comfy and sophisticated look. The crisp white sofa is a cosy spot for curling up with a good book.

Take A Minimalistic Approach

Lagom minimalistic bedroom decor

Modern decor and a clean white palette keep this Scandi-inspired bedroom from feeling too busy, while worn wooden accents add natural texture.

Reuse and Reclaim

Lagom dining room and wooden dining set

Reusing and reclaiming old items is an environmentally conscious and frugal, way to add a little Lagom to your home.

When looking for dining room seating for example, why not head to a charity shop or second hand store to see if you can pick up a tired old wooden set, with a bit of sanding and a touch of chalk paint you could completely reinvent them. It will give your home an organic, characterful and overtly Scandinavian aesthetic. If you really want to show off, you could give reupholstering them a try too.

Take ‘Fika’

Lagom Fika coffee and books

In the Swedish language ‘Fika’ basically means ‘to have coffee’. However, the term has evolved to mean more generally to take a break, taking some time out of the day to enjoy yourself before getting back to work. This is very in keeping with the balanced concept of Lagom.

We should take a bit of time to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.

You could embrace the idea by underlying the concept of Fika in your home’s interior design. Take an area of the house and create a comfy nook where you can just chill in.

Hygge, you have some serious competition, my friend. We’re all about Lagom in 2017.

The question is, how will you incorporate Lagom in your everyday life?