It may be slowly moving towards spring, but we still have a fair few months of cold weather until the true summer heat waves start. Until that point, we’re still looking to heat our homes. 

With the current situation, many people are opting for more efficient ways to heat their homes to save costs and reduce their impact on the planet. So today, we bring you some money saving hacks to keep your house warm.

Use Thicker Curtains

When it comes to ensuring your house stays warmer for longer, it’s imperative to keep the warm in and the cold out. A huge amount of heat can be lost through windows, with up to a staggering 40% of heat on average being lost through a window.

There will always be some heat lost through windows, but it can be minimised. Ideally, you’ll want windows that are double glazed and well fitting. However, if you can’t afford new windows – investing in the right curtains can make a huge difference. 

We love these Harriet Check Curtains for an added layer of insulation for your home.

These curtains feature a timeless check design in chartreuse yellow and grey tones, beautifully woven to add sophistication to your windows. Fully lined to add body and drape, these curtains feature matte silver eyelets to be easily hung to keep your home warmer.

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Block Out Draughts

Another one of our favourite hacks to keep your house warm is to block draughts. Now this is a move on to the above, where curtains block out draughts in your home. However, windows aren’t the only places where draughts can be found.

Underneath an external door, vents, fireplaces and even floorboards can find cold air creeping in and let warm air escape. If your floorboards are letting cold air in, you can use a rug to cover the draughts. 

A wool style like this Seaweed Rug has an added layer of insulation on top of simply blocking out the cold air.

Hacks To Keep Your House Warm

Small tweaks like covering a keyhole with a brass twist keyhole cover or investing in a letterbox cover that keeps the flap shut can make a big difference. Try a draught excluder to sit under the bottom of external doors, or if the gap is quite large affix a brush flap strip. 

You can use self-adhesive strips to block gaps you find in windows, which paired with insulating curtains can see a huge improvement in the warmth of your interior.

Think Of Your Radiators

When it comes to heating your house, it’s best to do it in the most efficient way possible. We have kept the cold out with curtains and blocking draughts. So, how do we ensure the heating we’re using is making the most of what we’re investing in?

With radiators, they are often placed on walls for practicality and space reasons. However, this can mean that the heat is concentrated along external walls and underneath windows. With these being linked to the cooler outside can mean that heat rising from radiators is lost.

Invest in radiator reflectors, which do exactly as it sounds. A radiator reflector is a thin sheet or foil applied to the wall behind the heating system. Fitting a radiator reflector will reflect all that heat back into your room. Radiator reflectors will also reduce the energy needed to heat your home.

On top of this, it’s necessary to ensure your radiators are bled regularly. Bleeding a radiator means releasing air that has become trapped inside your heating system. An ‘unbled’ radiator will hold this trapped air and have cold patches at the top.

Bleeding a radiator is simple to do, and doesn’t require any equipment or special skills. Letting this air out will help you to heat your home more effectively and reduce your energy bills.

Consider A Smart Meter

One that isn’t necessarily one of our hacks to keep your house warm. However, it can be a huge help to control your spending. A smart meter.

Smart meters replace your existing gas and electricity meters and tell you more about the energy you use in your home. They send regular meter readings automatically to your supplier. This keeps your energy use up-to-date.

A smart meter allows you to track how much energy you are using and the overall cost. This breakdown gives you a better understanding of where and when you are spending. Giving you the ability to see where you need to be more efficient.

A smart meter costs nothing to install, and can see you spending a lot less in your household heating and bills.

Add Extra Layers

Now we’ve got the hacks to keep your house warm by keeping the cold out and ensuring your heating is as efficient as possible. Now, we look at the practical mindset of focussing on heating yourself over your home.

An instant and low cost way of doing this is to add a blanket into your interior. Ideally a thick and or woollen throw to get the most insulation for your extra layers.

A luxury option for adding in extra layers is to opt for the Crawford Check Pure Wool Blanket

Made from sustainably sourced 100% pure wool by skilled craftsmen here in the UK in Yorkshire, finished with stylish tassels. This high-quality wool has many benefits. Being durable, colour vibrancy, easy care, naturally anti-static, hypoallergenic and with sound insulation properties it will keep you extra cosy.

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Heat Yourself, Not Your Home

If you live by yourself or if you spend a lot of time just as one person at home at a time, it’s more efficient to work to heat the person and not the home.

The energy and cost it takes to heat a room is much more than to apply direct heat to a person that wants the warmth. Using something as simple as a hot water bottle rather than central heating can see a great impact on the efficiency and cost of your heating.

The YuYu hot water bottle is the first ever to feature a long shape. What does that mean? Well it means you’re able to use the product along a larger part of your body than with a standard square shaped bottle. This can help to apply heat to specific areas of the body.

This bottle requires less than a kettle to fill up (less than 1 litre). Plus, features cleverly designed bumps on the surface of the bottle that traps air within the fabric making it blissfully hot or cold for several hours.

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So will you be taking some of our hacks to keep your house warm? Let us know in the comments!