As always, Dulux released their colour of the year. A hue that matches the interior mood of the moment and the feeling of the year to come. The Dulux colour of the year for 2023 is the shade Wild Wonder.

It’s a soft gold hue with green undertones. A light colour that emits light and positivity, reflecting sunlight and brightening rooms.

Additionally, it feeds into the natural and biophilic trends that we continue to see in interiors. The move of interiors to being in tune with the natural world, through materials, plants and hues. Earthy tones are still very popular and this colour proves just that.

So here are some home accessories you can choose to incorporate into your homes to bring a touch of Wild Wonder colour palettes into your decor.

Dulux Tonal Rugs

An easy way to bring a touch of Wild Wonder to your home is to bring a fresh approach with a rug. It’s an easy way to add a new touch of colour without committing to a full refresh.

It also sits well with the natural interior trend, sitting with greens of plants and alongside neutral and earthy colour palettes.

We adore the Mad Men cracked rug in Dark Pine, with it reflecting the golds and greens that make up the hue wonderfully.

Despite the cracked design being based on ice at the Rockefeller centre, in this hue it resembles cracked earth. Giving a wonderfully rustic feel to it, which once again harks back to the natural inspirations of the Dulux colour of the year 2023.

Floral Hued Cushions

The shade Wild Wonder is a mix of both gold and green, creating a warm and positive hue. Meaning there are many home accessories you can use which use a spectrum of complementing green and gold shades.

Just like this Gosford Floral cushion by Laura Ashley with a bold tulip design with an almost hand painted feel to it.

In shades of sage green, neutral and cream finished with piping around the edges. This floral design will give a sense of luxurious grandeur, and is the perfect accessory for more traditional interiors.

Find out more about the Laura Ashley brand here, from the starting of the design house to our full range.

Earthy Toned Bedding

It’s not just in the living room spaces that you want to bring the tones of Wild Wonder into the home. The soft green and warm golds of the palette should be peppered around the home.

Similarly to rugs, bedding is an easy and temporary way to make the most of trends such as the Dulux colour of the year. Meaning there’s no need to redecorate in fear of passing trends.

Despite Wild Wonder being a hue that feels timeless and classic, try a green and earthy toned palette with a bedding set like this Lemongrass Jacquard set by Ted Baker.

The rich Lemongrass jacquard design with linear tropical leaf detailing evokes a subtle mood, in a soothing sage green colourway, with a plain dye reverse. This stunning bedding will bring a soothing feel into your bedroom, perfect for a neutral room, or one with a soft green hue.

Wild Wonder Wallpaper

If redecorating is something you’re looking at doing, incorporating a green, wild wonder wallpaper will brighten up a space wonderfully. Gold and green hues will brighten a space and help to reflect light.

Using wallpaper, you can decide to completely cover the walls in the wallpaper. Or alternatively use it on a feature wall. This can add a statement to a room without being all encompassing. 

For a full redecoration or a feature wall, this Feather Fan Wallpaper by Cole and Sons is a wonderful choice to embrace the Dulux colour of the year 2023.

The subtle lustre of metallic add depth to this delicate pointillist-like design, whilst neutral palettes provide a charmingly sophisticated art deco palette.

Green Palette Towels

As well as the bedroom and living space, it’s great to bring a touch of the colour of 2023 into your bathroom. It helps to bring a green and gold sprinkle into this space. To bring light and the freshness of the natural world.

To do just this, try a towel and bath mat set for a small change that can bring a real change in your bathroom decor. We love this Jasminda Cotton Towels by Helena Springfield.

Featuring a jacquard design with all-over abstract cut out floral detailing. In soothing olive green and warm white, finished with a woven trimmed top and bottom hem. Made from 100% terry cotton for extra softness against the skin, ensuring the utmost level of absorbency.


So will you be bringing a touch of the Dulux colour of the year 2023 into your home? Show us Wild Wonder and tonal palettes in your interiors in the comments.