How to style bold patterns of Orla Kiely in your home

Are you looking to introduce the bold patterns of Orla Kiely in your home? If so you are going to love the Orla Kiely Collection!

Orla Kiely Iconic Art Deco In Your Home Title Card

An established Irish Artist, Orla Kiely is famously crowned as the Queen of Prints. From fashion to interior design her iconic prints are recognised globally and highly desirable. She has a clear deep-rooted passion for pattern, colour and good design. Kiely creates clean orderly repeat patterns which creates a modern style, while there is always a clear nostalgia for all things mid-century. Taking particular reference from the swinging sixties.

We have styled some of our favourite Orla Kiely Rugs so you can see the various ways in which you can incorporate stand out patterns into your home, so you won’t be short of inspiration…

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Bright Yellow interior with Orla Kiely Stem rug, armchair and curtains

Colour is a beautiful thing and it is an amazing way to change the feel of a room, instantly uplifting the mood. Embracing glorious colour palettes in her art, Kiely is known to use yellow as it is said to capture the joy of sunshine and creates a happy environment. It is an excellent choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms, where it is uplifting and energising. In halls, entries and small spaces, yellow can feel warm and welcoming.

Monochromatic design is super modern and with the 60’s inspired pattern of Kiely’s collection. The two styles marry together beautifully to create a groovy vibe any retro lover will adore! Include a brightly coloured sofa and armchairs to bring the whole room together.

We love to accessorise with light colours to balance out the bold statement pieces, such as a gorgeous white coffee table and light cushions. This is a fantastic way to break up the bold colour and patterns of the furniture.

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Bold Bohemian Paradise

Bold Bohemian themed home with Orla Kiely Spot rug and house plants in woven baskets

Bohemian Décor is for those who want their homes full of life and culture. Full of interesting items for the world to see. This aesthetic embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual. Orla Kiely’s conspicuous designs fall into this unique category with her patterns and colours.

Warm earthly colours are often associated with the Bohemian style, and the Spot Flower Rug is a perfect example of how a striking pattern can be a stunning statement piece in your home without the use of vivid colours.

As the opposite of modern, minimal, and sleek, Bohemian style embraces a “more is more” philosophy. Decorate with plants in gorgeous wicker plant pots to bring together the natural vibe together, real or faux.

Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist home with Orla Kiely rambling leaf rug

Bold and bright colours can sometimes feel daunting, but this doesn’t mean you can’t bring striking patterns and prints into your home!

The Linear Stem Rug is the perfect fit for a minimalist home and the grey and cream colour scheme is super easy to style in any home. Kiely’s iconic rambling leaf print is a subtle and effective way of adding flare to any room, from living rooms to bedrooms. Add a chic black side table and accessories with cream vases and a classy eucalyptus for a simple and modern aesthetic.

Introduce Pattern & Colour To Your Hallway

Orla Kiely Runners Exclusively at The Rug Seller

Embrace the smaller areas of your home and fill them with Kiely’s most iconic prints! An exclusive to The Rug Seller, we have taken all of your favourite Kiely designs and made them the perfect fit for hallways, patio doors and bedside. Made from 100% wool so they are a durable option that will leave a lasting impression in your home. Click here to shop the full collection to add a touch of Orla Kiely in your home.

Why Choose Orla Kiely in Your Home?

Now we have shown you some of our favourite ways to style the Orla Kiely Collection, we want to give you a run down on just why the Orla Kiely Rugs are a must have for any pattern lovers home.

Fabric Choice

photo of a sheep

Orla Kiely uses the highest quality wool in all of her designs. This is a clear reflection again in her strive for perfection. Wool rugs have gained a reputation for quality and durability over the past hundreds of years.

Super Sustainable

It is becoming increasingly important to be eco-friendly, wool rugs are the way forward for home furnishings. A key benefit of wool is that it is an incredibly sustainable option for your home. Due to the sheep used for wool being fed on pastures. Plus, the production of wool only taking one eighth of the energy compared to other synthetic materials.

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Hypoallergenic Protection

Close up of Orla Kiely Spot rug

A great advantage of wool rugs is that it is naturally hypoallergenic. This is due to the tiny pockets within the wool fibre that hides dust, pollen and fungal spores keeping them out of your breathing space so you can be sneeze free.

Tip: if you place your rug in the sun on a nice day, the UV rays will kill all the nasty dust mites. So no need for any harsh chemicals or costly treatments!

Custom Size For The Perfect Fit

Hypoallergenic Protection

All designs are available in 4 standard sizes.  Also available in custom sizes, the Orla Kiely Collection allows you to get the best fit! Need a gorgeously large rug for under the bed? Or a smaller statement piece for the living room? No worries, you can measure up to the exact size that suits you.


We hope that our Style Guide has helped inspire ideas for incorporating patterns and colour into your home. Do you have more tips you could share on how to style bold patterns and prints? We’d love you to share your ideas in the comments below!

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Updated November 2021.