How to Hang a Rug on the Wall as Gorgeous Wall Art

Throughout this year, we have seen a growing trend all about ‘hanging rugs on walls’. Statement rug wall hangings are trending on Pinterest, all about using rugs are wall art. Let’s discuss this current rug art trend and we’ll offer some tips on how best to attach your rug onto your wall.

Rugs as Wall Art | Rivi Rug from The Rug Seller

This growing trend has become ever so popular, which is why we’re all about showcasing our rugs like the true treasure that they are. From kilims to shags to traditional, rugs can set the tone and style of a space – especially when they’re hanging on a wall.

When the floor just isn’t giving your rug the spotlight it deserves, bring that beauty up to eye-level.

Choosing Your Rug Wall Hanging

Statement rugs are always a great way of upgrading a room but having a rug as a wall hanging is a fantastic way of giving your room a modern, edgy twist. Typically, we’re used to the focal point of a room being a piece of artwork like a painting or a print. Now, interior designers are encouraging us to think outside the box when it comes to rugs, advocating that rugs shouldn’t merely be used as a finishing touch but rather as the rooms centrepiece in order to give the room a new lease of life.

When choosing a statement rug for your wall art, it’s best to choose larger, bolder and more colourful patterns in order to achieve the desired modern, chic look. Remember to keep in mind the style of the room you intend to hang the rug in. It’s best to have a rug as wall art in a room with limited patterns and neutral colours so the statement rug can really steal the show!

Rugs as Wall Art | Tipi Rug in Pink from The Rug Seller

photo credit: The Rug Seller (@therugseller)

Choosing Where To Hang Your Rug

Choosing where to hang your rug is vital. Depending on the size of the rug you’re trying to hang up, you’ll a sufficient amount of space. Whether you would like the hanging above your bed frame or sofa, make sure that you find an area where it will be an instant show stopper and generate the attention of guests and friends.

Rugs as Wall Art | Tipi Rug from The Rug Seller

photo credit: The Rug Seller (@therugseller)


Whether it’s a colourful antique rug from your recent travels or an abstract patterned rug that doubles as a graphic work of art, instantly transform any dull entryway with a rug that tells a story. The conversation starter will kick in the second your guests enter your home.

Living Room

As much as we love an original print or one-of-a-kind painting, there’s nothing wrong with a little added texture above a couch. Have a rug that doesn’t quite fit where you thought it would, or love your rug so much, you can’t bear to see it walked on? Show it off where you hang the most.


Looking for a full-proof way to make the space above your bed the showstopper of your bedroom? Use a hanging rug to create a headboard with a cosy punch of pattern and flair. Play up high ceiling with an oversized style that spans most of the vertical space or hand a smaller style horizontally for a more compact statement.

Things To Consider Before Hanging

Rugs as Wall Art | Timeless Rugs from The Rug Seller

photo credit: The Rug Seller (@therugseller)

Size/Weight: The hanging method you choose will depend on the overall size and weight of the rug, so make sure to measure it before purchasing the proper tools. Also, try to avoid an uneven distribution of weight when hanging, which can cause a heavy rug to warp or even rip.

Sunlight/Heat: To prevent exposure over time, avoid hanging the rug in direct sunlight or in front of a heat vent or fireplace.

Damage: Keeping rugs off the ground is a great way to protect them from wear and tear. However, nailing and pinning rugs directly to the wall can cause damage to the dyes and fibres in your rug long-term.

How To Hang Your Rug Wall Hanging

Once you’ve chosen your ideal statement rug it’s time to hang it on the wall. There are a few decisions you need to make before hanging your rug:

Do you want your rug to hang freely or flush to the wall? (this effects the method you use).

When choosing your wall art – it goes without saying that you need to keep the size of the rug in mind!

Don’t choose a wall in direct sunlight as the exposure can be extremely damaging to your lovely rug.

Clean your hanging rug every few months using a vacuum attachment.

Stay away from sticky adhesives!


So you have decided to place a rug on the wall instead of on the floor, but you have no idea how to do it? We will introduce you to several methods below.

Here are some simple way you can hang your rug in a room:

Rugs as Wall Art | Tipi Rug from the Rug Seller

photo credit: The Rug Seller (@therugseller)


This method is ideal for hanging heavyweight rugs. It involves stitching a casing on the back of your rug. Casing creates a tube in the fabric that will snuggly hold a rod at the top of your rug, meaning that it will be hanging from the rod.

Materials needed:

  • Sturdy fabric, preferably heavy cotton, linen or cotton will
  • Carpet thread
  • Scissors
  • Rod
  • Wall anchor
  • Drill, screws

Estimated time: 3 hours


  1. Decide if you want to be able to see the rod coming out at either side of the rug.
    1. If you don’t want to see it – measure the width of your rug and subtract 4 inches either side.
    2. If you do want to see it- measure the width of the rug and subtract 2 inches.
  2. Measure the thickness of your rod. You want your rod to fit snuggly in the casing. The length of your sturdy fabric should be a few inches shorter than the length of the rug. The width of your fabric should be the thickness of your rod plus 3 inches.
  3. After measuring your fabric, attach it directly to the top section at the back of your rug. Try to get 2 warp threads in each stitch for best support.
  4. Prep your wall for hanging- measure the width of your rug and where you want the rug to fall. Hang the rod anchors to the wall using drill and screws.
  5. Slide your rod through the casing on the rug and hang on the wall.


Using Velcro is a fantastic tactic for hanging your rugs onto the wall. Velcro is thought to be the safest way to hang and preserve your rug. This method involves hand stitching Velcro to the back of your rug, and the advantage of this is that stitching is easily removable if you ever want to put your rug back on the floor. It is recommended to use a 2 inch thick strip for larger, heavier rugs. DO NOT use sticky back Velcro as it is difficult to remove and likely to leave a sticky residue on the back of your rug.


  • 2inch wide Velcro, by the yard
  • Unbleached muslin fabric
  • Carpet thread and needle scissors
  • 5 inch piece of flat wood
  • Staple gun, drill, screws, stud finder

Estimated time – 2 hours


  1. Measure the width of your rug and cut the Velcro and muslin cloth accordingly.
  2. Sew the ‘fuzzy’ Velcro tape your muslin cloth, with the fuzzy part facing away from the cloth. Then, sew the muslin strip directly to the back of your rug using a whip stitch – using carpet thread that matches your rug.
  3. Get a flat piece of treated wood that is the length of your rug plus 2.5 inches.
  4. Using staple gun, attach the ‘hooked’ hard side of Velcro to the piece of wood. Staple about every 6 inches to ensure a strong hold.
  5. Mount the wood onto your wall using a drill and screws.
  6. Press your rug to the Velcro!


Before deciding on your method of hanging, it’s important to consider the weight of your rug. The material of the rug is also an important factor. However, you should not try to put a very expensive rug on your wall on your own. In this case, we strongly recommend consulting an expert, for example, a specialist Oriental rug shop. This is the only way to avoid permanent damage to your rug.

So stay on trend and add a statement to your walls with bold rug wall hanging! For inspiration browse our stunning selection of rugs! Do you have wall hangings in your home? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments below.

updated October 2021