To update your home interior and decor style, fall to classic and timeless homeware pieces. 

Take a look at our top picks of our homeware styles, from cushions to rugs. Find the rug seller edit of our best home accessories, without the need for scrolling through the whole collection.


Rugs are an easy addition to your home space that can instantly breathe life into your interior. 

Choose the style you want carefully, for an update for your decor. From vintage and ornate rugs to Moroccan style flatweave.

If you really want to add some statement to your living space, try this Aurora rug in a gold hue.

Aurora homeware rug in a golden flatweave style

The lustrous finish makes this modern piece a real work of art. It’s made with high quality fabrics, and super soft underfoot making it an all round investment piece.


If you want another small investment homeware piece to make a big difference to your interior space, then cushions are another great way of doing this.

They can help bring in accent colours, additional texture and a point of interest in your living space.

One of our many popular pieces feature the designer Orla Kiely. An Irish designer with a background in fashion, who makes retro feeling colour pop styles.

Her iconic motif is the repeating pattern of the tint stem. Which is where these Small Linear Sunflower Cushions join our top list.

Orla Kiely cushion homeware piece in mustard tiny stem motif

In a reversible print, the ochre and soft white complement each other and bring a vintage feel to a space. Feather filled and 100% cotton, this is a homeware piece with a luxury feel to add that special touch to your space.


A framing element of a room, curtains can be an important accessory that can be used to lift a space.

A heavy printed curtain versus a light, white curtain can completely change a room. The power of curtains shouldn’t be underestimated.

Another luxe homeware piece is this Catalonia Jacquard Curtains by Clarke and Clarke.

Blue curtains in a window

In a bold ocean blue, the lustre of the fabric amplifies the light from a window they are placed in. In a thick fabric, they are both luxe and high quality.

They also have a thermal lining, to keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer heatwaves.


Mirrors are a wonderful trick to help elongate and bring extra light and space to a small room. They can be used as a statement piece, to bring a contemporary feel to your home decor.

If you want to opt for another luxury piece, this Barrique Round Mirror by William Yeoward is a designer style to change up a room.

​​round mirror placed on a wall

Made from Acacia wood from the Australian tree, it is in a washed out style for a modern and almost nautical feel. A rustic look for a true stand out piece.

The rounded shape of the piece along with the mirror makes this style an artwork to hang upon the wall.


A small change you can make is to switch out your bedding set. This can bring some colours, shapes and prints to your room which weren’t previously there.

Alternatively, it can bring an extra layer of texture – or simply bring some designer luxury by choosing a style with high-quality and design.

This Serendipity Floral Bedding by Ted Baker is a style that can bring some shape and colour to your bedroom.

Ted baker serendipity bed setting on a bed in a light bedroom

This has a 220 thread count along with Ted Baker’s true attention to detail. A sateen finish makes this an elegant and striking addition to a bedroom.


If you want to go a step further than adding simply a fresh bedding set, try adding a throw. 

This adds a layer of warmth, comfort and most importantly style. A throw can offer so much more that the practical need to keep your toes warm on a cold winter’s night.

One of our favourite designs are from the William Morris collection Morris & Co. They make use of the vintage textile prints of the artist to create unique homeware pieces.

See this Seasons By May Quilted Throw, for a style that is richly hued with intricate prints.

​​Seasons by may quilted throw in a mustard shade set on a bed


Bring light to your decor by bringing in lamps and low lights for a space. The lower lighting helps to create a relaxing atmosphere which can be cooling in summer and cosy in winter.

While the lamp is bringing in a practical need, it’s not to say the lamp itself shouldn’t be a feature within your home.

Blue William Yeoward marble lamp on a table

This Babetta Crystal Glass lamp is an example of this done so well, by designer William Yeoward. 

This is an organic marble piece, with each piece hand crafted by artisans. Each style is a unique home accessory.

This one of a kind piece brings timeless style and luxury appeal to your interior in an instant. Read how a statement lamp can bring something extra to your interior here.


We hope our edit has inspired you to add some new accessories and homeware styles to your interiors. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments.