The new season brings a wave of new styles, hues and interior trends to welcome in the changing time. Try some new interior trends with Laura Ashley, the iconic designer.

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Who Is Laura Ashley?

Laura Ashley is an iconic UK brand, named after the Welsh fashion and textile designer herself. The humble beginnings of the Laura Ashley brand is dated back in 1953 when Laura and Bernard Ashley started their iconic home and lifestyle venture.

After taking inspiration for a Women’s Institute exhibition at the V&A museum, they took what they’d seen back to their small London flat and printed by hand their first scraps of fabric from their kitchen table.

They learnt the trade of printing from library books. A year later they officially formed the brand and bought a printing machine to sell fabrics by the yard. Their distinctive prints and designs initially sold on tea towels were an instant success, opening a showroom and selling out quickly.

Expanding quickly, the iconic British brand was formed. In modern day, the brand continues to bring innovative concepts and archive prints to the collection to continue the distinctive handwriting and style that we so know and love.

Interior Trends With Laura Ashley

Bring Texture Into Your Home

When it comes to bringing in another level of interest and an extra later into your decor, texture is a great way to do just this. 

Adding interest through contrasting fabrics can really elevate your interiors to the next level. Bringing layers through soft velvets and plush fabrics. Prints in one shade can be brought to the fore with the textures allowing it to pop.

Laura Ashley is, as always, iconic and an innovator when it comes to print. Meaning in modern times, the contemporary twist added to some of their pieces is through texture. Like with this Cleaver Rug in Natural.

Cleavers feature silhouette trailing leaves and daisy shapes, on a natural colourway. This beautiful floral design is in a relief texture in a hand carved cut and loop pile. Hand tufted with 95% pure wool for an extremely durable, resilient and versatile rug, making it the perfect centrepiece for your living room, bedroom and hallway areas.

If you want to bring texture into your home in a way that is slightly more changeable than a rug, opt for cushions. An incredibly easy way to switch up an interior feel, bring in depth with a cushion like this Nigella Velvet Cushion.

Introduce luxurious texture and interior trends with Laura Ashley and their stunning velvet cushion in blush pink. With elegant piping to finish.

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Try Maximalism

After years of Pinterest being awash with neutrals and plainer earthy tones, this season is seeing an overhaul of this long time favourite.

Why natural colours remain popular, with a look towards the natural world and Japandi-esque styling – there is a move to bringing in personality to your home. Maximalism is the antithesis of minimalism. Think, large swirling patterns and bold pops of colours to break up the plain and add individualism to your space.

Laura Ashley has always been the ruling decor innovator when it comes to prints and colours. So, with this trend, they understandably come into their own. We adore the Tulips Floral Rug for a real burst of this interior trend.

This luxury rug displays Tulips mixed with daffodils, in shades of fuchsia pink, orange and green on a China blue ground. This 1990s gouache painted floral design was inspired by a piece of painted artwork found in the Laura Ashley archive. 

A bold pattern in a rich and soft hand tufted quality. Slightly carved to emphasise the bold spring flowers and to add a little extra texture to your room. Beautifully crafted with 100% wool.

For a more subtle way to introduce this motif and trend into your home, try the Tulip Floral Doormat.

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Be Neoclassical

In the same vein as maximalism, the neo-classical trend comes as a reaction to the overwhelming neutral trend in the past few years. Interior designers are fighting back and bringing back ornate and individualism.

Neoclassicism is a cultural movement in the decorative and visual arts, literature, theatre, music, and architecture that drew inspiration from the art and culture of classical antiquity.

Laura Ashley feeds into this interior trend as an iconic brand that never shied away from prints and ornate styling. Like with this Tuileries Bedding Set. 

Tuileries Bedding Set by Laura Ashley in Midnight Blue

French and romantic, this extravagant mono-tonal print is a Laura Ashley classic. Tuileries inspired by an antique Toile de Jouy style print. And now decorates this luxurious bedding set. Try trends with Laura Ashley like the neoclassical, and see it bring a touch of personality into your home space.

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Bring In Some Lines

One of the big changes in the interior world for this year is the move to using lines. From waved and soft lines to framing tricks to help elevate your home.

This can be using subtle lines or bolder, thicker lines to help bring a statement to your space. Try style like this Eaton Striped Rug.

Originally launched in the 2010s as a wallpaper and fabric design, this subtly stylish print displays horizontal stripes of various thicknesses. In shades of seaspray blue and navy blue. Hand tufted with 95% pure wool & 5% viscose, with some delicate carving lines.

Bring some of this trend into other rooms, such as the bedroom, with styles such as this Shalford Cotton Bedding Set.

The Laura Ashley Shalford Duvet Cover is a classic design with a timeless appeal. Featuring a woven satin stripe in light and neutral cream, finished with a piped edge, creating a relaxed bedroom space with an elegant air.

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